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Droid Depot Review ~ We Assembled a Custom Astromech Unit on Batuu!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

On our most recent visit to Hollywood Studios we were so excited to check off one of our Disney World bucket list items - building our own custom droid!

Star Wars fans will love the experience of designing and building a Custom Astromech Unit while visiting Black Spire Outpost. I arrived at Droid Depot with my daughters and we were immediately met by a clerk who walked us through the process of selecting our type of droid (we chose the BB-Series, but the R-Series is also available). You can then decide whether you want it programmed with a chip from the First Order or the Resistance. Guess which one we chose??? Next we were given a blueprint and sent to the conveyer belt, where we selected the parts we needed to create our new sidekick. Parts come in many different colors, giving builders the ability to truly design a one-of-a-kind droid.

Once we had gathered all of the parts, we moved over to the build station where everything came together. Our clerk helped us get our new friend assembled and activated before the best part of all - watching our droid come to life! All droids come with remote controls that make it easy to take them out for a spin on planet Batuu. They’re also programmed to interact with their surroundings throughout Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge as well as with other droids (so cool!!)

While this is a hands-on experience, physical distancing is enforced with clear signage, markers on the floor indicating where to stand and an abundance of hand sanitizer available. We felt very safe while building our droid and had a blast taking our out-of-this-world companion all over Hollywood Studios!

Advance reservations for this unique experience are highly recommended. Droids can be easily shipped home directly from Droid Depot if you don’t have enough room in your suitcase. As your travel advisor, I’ll be happy to design the perfect visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and beyond!

Kelly is a lifelong Disney fan and expert Travel Advisor for all Disney destinations. She specializes in meticulously planned vacations perfectly customized for each of her clients. For a complimentary vacation quote, click here.

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