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Complete Guide to the New Princess Appearances at Walt Disney World

Updated: May 12, 2021

One of the questions I’m asked most often as a Travel Advisor specializing in Walt Disney World vacations is “Is it true that none of the characters are appearing in the parks right now?” While traditional character interactions have been modified, Disney has reimagined them in such precious ways I wouldn’t be surprised if they stick around for a long time to come. In other words, YES, the characters are here!!!

Princess Jasmine greeting Guests in the Royal Princess Processional at the Magic Kingdom

With parades on pause to prevent large crowds from gathering, Disney has found a creative way to keep this kind of magic alive and well. Spontaneous “Character Cavalcades” are now appearing daily in all four parks. Lasting only a few minutes, these “mini parades” usually feature one or two floats in addition to some of your favorite characters. I’ll cover the non-princess cavalcades in another post, because today is all about finding your favorite royal friends.

The Magic Kingdom currently offers the most opportunities to find and interact with princesses.

Where to find the princesses in the Magic Kingdom

The Royal Princess Processional - These take place several times throughout the day from park opening through dusk. They begin in Frontierland (next to Splash Mountain) and weave through Liberty Square, across the bridge to the main hub and down Main Street U.S.A. The princesses either appear on a traditional parade float, on horseback (specific to Merida), walking or a combination of the above.

Merida appearing in the Royal Princess Processional heading towards Liberty Square

The Royal Princess Processional is spontaneous and Disney does not release the times when it will be taking place. This is intentional to help prevent large crowds from gathering and to easily maintain physical distancing. You’ll know one is coming when the music around you changes and becomes louder. You’ll also notice Cast Members in the area asking Guests to step to the side.

In the winter months, you'll find the princesses in their cold weather gowns

Belle and Elena of Avalor appear daily in the Royal Princess Processional

When the Processional passes, in all likelihood you’ll have a front-row view. Unlike parades, the spontaneity makes it nearly impossible for people to anticipate when these will be taking place. When they do pop up, it’s an unexpected magical surprise. The princesses are eager to pose for photos, wave, blow kisses and interact with Guests of all ages, so make sure you have your camera ready!

Rapunzel greeting Guests in January at the Magic Kingdom

You’ll usually find a combination of the following princesses appearing in the Royal Princess Processional:




Snow White


Elena of Avalor






The Fairy Godmother often joins them, too!

UPDATE: Moana has recently joined the Magic Kingdom Cavalcade!

Ariel waving to friends during the Royal Princess Processional

Within the Magic Kingdom, you can also find princesses greeting Guests from the Walt Disney World Railroad station at the front of the park. There is a rotating cast of characters making appearances here all day, so you may even catch a prince or two (just watch out for Gaston)!

While Princess Fairytale Hall is not offering its traditional experience, princesses often appear there throughout the day for distanced interactions with Guests. Keep an eye out for Cinderella’s feisty step-sisters, Anastasia and Drizella, who have been known to pop up in this spot, too.

The only princess dining experience available right now is Cinderella’s Royal Table, located within the castle itself. I had the pleasure of dining there a few weeks ago and while it was definitely different from the past, it was still filled with magic. Cinderella made multiple appearances throughout our dinner, eagerly interacting and posing for photos (physically distanced, of course). Dining there was absolutely a highlight of our trip!

Cinderella making her royal appearance during dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table

Where to find the princesses in Epcot:

While you’ll find the most princess pop-ups in the Magic Kingdom, Epcot definitely delivers on royal encounters. The main attraction is of course Anna and Elsa, who have their own Frozen Promenade. You’ll usually find Elsa walking ahead of a horse-drawn carriage carrying Queen Anna. The Promenade begins in World Showcase and makes its way clockwise around World Showcase Lagoon.

The Frozen Promenade at Epcot

Anna and Elsa can also be found spontaneously greeting Guests throughout the day in the Norway pavilion outside of Royal Sommerhus. They’ll happily pose for physically distanced photos and interact with princes and princesses of all ages.

Elsa greeting Guests in the Norway pavilion in Epcot

Epcot also offers the Princess Promenade, featuring Belle, Aurora, Jasmine and Snow White in a horse drawn carriage.

Aurora appearing in the Princess Promenade in Epcot

Princesses Appearing in Epcot:






Snow White

We love these new princess experiences and have come to prefer them over the traditional encounters of the pre-pandemic past. With multiple opportunities to enjoy them each day and no need to rush to a specific location an hour in advance just to get a decent view, these interactions feel much more authentic, enjoyable and, well - magical!

In my five visits to Walt Disney World over the past six months, the Character Cavalcades, Promenades and Processionals have been an absolute highlight. If you’re ready to travel, now is the time to take advantage of these unique and special moments.

Kelly is a lifelong Disney fan and expert Travel Advisor for all Disney destinations. She specializes in meticulously planned vacations perfectly customized for each of her clients. For a complimentary vacation quote, click here.

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